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The difference a training course can make on your employee relations

Maria had only 3 months experience and hadn't drove for over 3 years.

Reasons why?

She had a bad experience with a client treating her poorly with no training or support, working her to the ground on low wages.

​We can’t believe there are still firms not supporting drivers or raising their pay rates in this hard work driven industry.

A woman checks a HGV lorry with Skipper Recruit training hi vis on
Maria performing vehicle checks on her HGV

All change

Maria is now with DFDS Logistics who invested in her skills and got her training with Skipper Recruit to build her knowledge and confidence. Well done Maria, and welcome to the Skipper family!

A woman working on a HGV lorry
Maria winding up the trailer legs after reversing and coupling the HGV lorry

If you think your employees would benefit from additional or refresher training, get in touch with us today.

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